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Naftogaz explained why the heating season in Ukraine may end early

ByJohn Newman

Mar 19, 2024

The head of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, Alexey Chernyshov, warned that the heating season could end at the end of the month, and analyzed how the country survived the winter during the war.

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Photo – interfax.com.ua

In an interview with the French The head of Naftogaz reminded Le Figaro that the heating season in Ukraine usually ends on April 15. However, this year the supply of heat to houses may be completed at the end of this month due to above-zero air temperatures, NBN reports.

According to Chernyshov, our country calmly survived the winter during the war, having learned the lessons of 2022 years, when the troops of a terrorist state carried out massive attacks on the energy system. Ukraine was able to prepare for occupier attacks on infrastructure.

We would like to remind you that in 2023, the heating season also ended early in some cities due to weather conditions. However, it turned out that the warming was temporary, after which frost and snow returned to the country.

As reported, the head of the Ministry of Finance Sergei Marchenko commented on the delays in monetary assistance to Ukraine from the United States. The official spoke about Plan B, which Kyiv is considering, in case Washington refuses to support our country.


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