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NATO and the European Union are putting pressure on the two countries to transfer air defense systems to Ukraine – media

NATO and the European Union demand that Spain and Greece transfer air defense systems to Ukraine, amid Kyiv’s requests to the West to provide it with Patriot or S-300 air defense systems against the backdrop of intensifying attacks from the Russian Federation.

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British The Financial Times reported that the authorities of Greece and Spain are under strong pressure from allies in the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, who are demanding to send more air defense systems to Ukraine, NBN reports.

Journalists write that this month Kyiv appealed to partners in the West with an urgent request for the transfer of American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems or Soviet S-300 air defense systems, as the occupiers intensified attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure.

Authorities Germany announced the sending of one Patriot installation to Ukraine, other European leaders at the summit in Brussels called on the heads of government of Spain and Greece Pedro Sanchez and Kyriakos Mitsotakis to transfer part of their air defense systems to Kyiv.

Madrid and Athens have more than 12 Patriot air defense systems, as well as other air defense installations, such as the S-300. As allies in the EU and NATO told the prime ministers of these countries, Spain and Greece do not face an immediate threat, unlike Ukraine, which has a great need for additional air defense systems.

As the publication notes, Patriot complexes Romania and Poland also have them, however, the allies do not put so much pressure on Bucharest and Warsaw on the issue of supplying air defense systems to Ukraine, given the more vulnerable location of the countries.

Recall that the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces named the Ukrainian regions that are the least ” covered by air defense.

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