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Night “bavovna” in Feodosia: ATESH told which object of the invaders was destroyed by the “arrival” of a UAV

Today, the defense department of the aggressor country reported repelling an attack by about 40 attack UAVs aimed at objects located in Crimea, and, as it turned out, “excellent work of Russian air defense” is another lie from Moscow.

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About the fact that it was not in vain that local residents of Crimea complained online about a series of powerful explosions that sounded in Feodosia—from  “pops” shook windows and walls, writes NBN, referring to information published in the Telegram channel of the ATESH resistance movement.

It was previously assumed that a Russian oil depot was hit by kamikaze drones. ;—it was to this object that dozens of ambulances and fire trucks were drawn. However, in accordance with the information provided by ATESH, the explosion completely “utilized” the occupiers’ oil pipeline.

Agents of the Crimean resistance movement emphasized:

The consequences were eliminated until the morning. The losses are colossal!

Earlier, our news portal reported that ATESH showed where the invaders were hiding reserves of missiles for the Black Sea Fleet.

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