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OK “Yug” explained why the occupiers are afraid to launch missile carriers into the Black Sea

ByJohn Newman

Jan 12, 2024

As of the morning of this day, January 12, the terrorist state holds only 2 warships in the Black Sea that cannot fire a missile salvo, and it has now become known for what reason.

Photo – ria.ru

About the fact that due to unfavorable weather conditions recorded in recent days in the waters of the Black Sea, Russian missile-carrying ships are forced to remain at their base points, NBN writes, citing the explanation of the OK speaker. South” by Natalia Gumenyuk, sounded during the broadcast of the United News telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Gumenyuk, in the area of ​​​​responsibility of the OK “YUG” there is currently no way out at the borders of missile carriers, while this trend has been noticeable throughout the entire current week.

The speaker of OK South added that the absence of missile carrier ships in the Black Sea is caused by the ongoing storm, and such weather conditions are not going to improve in the next few days. Thus, the enemy naval group remains compact, consisting of patrol boats monitoring security around the Novorossiysk base.

Earlier, we wrote about how Gumenyuk explained why Russian paratroopers refuse on the Left Bank of the Kherson region storm the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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