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Pensions of Ukrainians: how citizens can find out the size of their future payments through “Diya”

People of pre-retirement age can use the capabilities of a personal account in the state application “Diya”, finding out not only what amounts a person earned during official employment, but also what payments the state accrued to him.

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About how to get acquainted with the amount of the long-awaited pension benefit, provided that the connection was made not to the mobile version, but to the mobile version. to the web portal of the state application, writes NBN, referring to the official page of Dii.

In particular, first of all, you need to open the web version of Dii, and log in. personal account by selecting the “Services” section, and then click the mouse cursor on the item “Pensions, benefits and assistance” and stop on one of the necessary subsections— “Certificate of pensioner’s income”, “ Assignment of a pension”, “Recalculation of a pension”, “Certificate OK-5”, “Certificate OK-7” or similar.

It should be clarified that the “Certificate OK-5” includes data regarding the amount of earnings required to calculate the amount of the pension benefit, as well as the insurance period or the regularity of payment of insurance premiums.

The OK-7 Certificate contains information regarding the amounts of the official salary from which the unified social contribution and the insurance period are paid , for the period since 2011: all this allows us to determine the amount of sick leave, social assistance for unemployment, and so on.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the Ministry of Social Policy talked about two conditions to refuse to accrue a pension to the card.

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