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Pensions of Ukrainians: Zholnovych explained when and in what amount to expect indexation of payments

ByJohn Newman

Jan 26, 2024

Currently, the Ukrainian social department has not yet decided on the exact percentage that would allow for the expected recalculation of payments – the figures will become known only by mid-February, after the inflation rate for 2023 is clarified, but already there is preliminary, relatively encouraging information.

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 Pensions of Ukrainians: Zholnovich explained when and in what amount to expect indexation of payments

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About that that the indexation of pension benefits will take place traditionally – in March, but with certain peculiarities, writes NBN, referring to the explanation voiced by the head of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Oksana Zholnovych on the YouTube channel TV Channel Rada.

According to Zholnovich, some uncertainty being recorded now is caused by the fact that the State Statistics Service has not yet provided conclusions about last year’s inflation figures, from which the Pension Fund will take 50 percent and take into account 50 percent of the average salary level for the past 3 years. year, in order to find out the percentage of indexation.

The head of the Ministry of Social Policy emphasized:

Accordingly, there will definitely be a percentage by which pensions will increase . But we will have this percentage in our calculations until mid-February.

It should be recalled that not long ago the government informed that the approximate increase in pension benefits from March will be about 13 percent, and increases in payments will vary from 100 to 1 500 hryvnia.

Earlier, we wrote about that the PFU listed all types of payments that citizens can choose as a monthly benefit.


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