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Peskov commented on the multi-kilometer queue at Navalny’s funeral

ByJohn Newman

Mar 4, 2024

Representative of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry Peskov commented on the multi-kilometer line of Russians who came to say goodbye to opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Putin's spokesman said that the Kremlin “has nothing to say” about this.

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Peskov commented on the multi-kilometer queue at Navalny's funeral

Photo – Associated Press/East News

On Friday, March 1, Alexei Navalny, who died in a colony, was buried in Moscow at the Borisov Cemetery. About 16.5 thousand Russians came to say goodbye to the oppositionist, several thousand more citizens brought flowers to his grave in the next two days.

NBN reports this with reference to the Kreschatic publication.

Media representatives asked the press secretary of the Kremlin dictator whether the Russian Presidential Administration considers such support for Putin’s personal enemy significant. The speaker of the head of Russia noted that the Kremlin did not talk much on this topic and believed that they had nothing more to say.

Earlier it became known that the Russian Volunteer Corps was developing a plan to rescue the oppositionist and evacuate him to Ukraine. The fighters wanted to free Navalny during his transfer from the penal colony in the Vladimir region to a colony in the Yamalo-Nenets district. The RDC explained why the operation could not be carried out.


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