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Peskov “justified” Putin’s refusal to participate in pre-election debates

Representative of the Administration of the President of the aggressor country Dmitry Peskov “justified” why the head of state Vladimir Putin will not participate in the pre-election debates. The war criminal is running for office for the fifth time, but has never communicated in this format with his “rivals.”

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As reported by the propaganda agencies RIA Novosti and TASS, the Kremlin representative “explained” the head of state’s refusal to participate in the election debates. The Russian media write that the president of the aggressor country has always ignored such events, NBN reports.

According to Speaker Putin, the Russian leader does not intend to communicate in this format with his “opponents,” since supposedly this is the case every day speaks out on all aspects of the life of citizens of a terrorist state.

Also, the press secretary of the Kremlin dictator emphasized that the war criminal lives under a “very busy” presidential schedule, which allegedly radically distinguishes him from his “rivals.”

Previously, a political strategist explained that Putin has always ignored pre-election debates, since he is only satisfied with performing in a “one-man show” format.

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