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Peskov named the Russian Federation’s conditions for dialogue on Ukraine at the Global Peace Summit

ByJohn Newman

Jul 11, 2024

Russian Presidential Administration spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced Moscow's “readiness” for dialogue on Ukraine, but on the condition that the Kremlin “understands what will be discussed” at the Global Peace Summit.

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Peskov names Russia's condition for dialogue on Ukraine at the Global Peace Summit

Photo – rbc.ru

Putin's spokesman, answering a question about a possible invitation to the aggressor country to the next Global peace summit, said that the Kremlin dictator and the Russian Federation are “always open” to dialogue and have allegedly never refused to do so.

However, Moscow has a condition – it “must understand what will be discussed” at the conference, NBN reports, citing the Interfax propaganda agency.

According to the Russian leader's press secretary, the Kremlin had previously stated that it would not accept the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance to Ukrainian territory, since this would “threaten the security and existence” of the terrorist state.

Peskov also spoke about reports regarding the holding of the next Global Peace Summit in Saudi Arabia. The representative of the Russian Presidential Administration said that he was not sure of their veracity, adding that the location of the conference is “important, but secondary.”

Recall. At the same time, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Galuzin called the next Global Peace Summit an attempt by Ukraine and the West to “rehabilitate themselves for the failure in Switzerland.” The diplomat said that Russia will not participate in the second conference.


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