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Peskov responded to Macron's call for an Olympic truce, accusing Ukraine of escalating the war

Representative of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry Peskov responded to the call of French President Emmanuel Macron to stop hostilities in Ukraine during the Summer Olympic Games. Traditionally, he accused Kyiv of escalating the war.

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The speaker of the head of the Russian Federation spoke about the French leader’s call to stop firing in Ukraine during the Summer Olympics, NBN writes with reference to the Interfax propaganda agency.

The official said , that Moscow has not received any official proposals to cease hostilities during international sports competitions.

Once again, the dictator’s press secretary accused Ukraine of escalating the war that his country unleashed. Putin's spokesman said that the neighboring country always uses such initiatives to rearm and regroup. Peskov added that this “complicates the process of consideration” of such proposals.

Recall that last month the Kremlin dictator cynically commented on Paris’s call for a truce during the 2024 Summer Games, making new absurd accusations against Western politicians.

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