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Pletenchuk spoke about the scale of the consequences for the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the damage to the Azov and Yamal large landing ships by Ukraine

On Sunday night, the Ukrainian army was able to cover with fire the large landing ships (BDK) Yamal and Azov (in the Bay of Sevastopol), but now it is difficult to say whether the enemy watercraft were sunk, since the verification of the degree is being assessed damage to these vessels.

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About the fact that in a scenario involving serious damage to the Russian landing ships Yamal and Azov in ;temporarily captured Sevastopol, this attack will be another and very significant loss for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the speaker of the Ukrainian Naval Forces (VMSU) Dmitry Pletenchuk, published by Suspilny.

According to Pletenchuk, in the case of confirmation of the above assessment, and taking into account the fact that out of the 13 units that were “afloat” during the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, and then only 5 remained in service. BDK, then after Sunday night —only 3 (a little more than 20 percent), and this trend minimizes the enemy’s capabilities.

The speaker of the Naval Forces of Ukraine summarized:

Now [the invaders] will go out to sea, look for ways to counter our destruction systems. They are trying to restore activity, but very weakly.

Earlier, we wrote that Pavlyuk showed infographics of the weekly losses of Putin’s troops in “manpower” and equipment.

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