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Putin suddenly postponed his visit to Erdogan: what is known

ByJohn Newman

Feb 7, 2024

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin postponed his visit to Turkey, where he planned to hold a meeting with the country's President Erdogan.

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Putin suddenly postponed his visit to Erdogan: what is known

Photo – rbk.ru

As NBN reports, the Russian propaganda agency TASS reports that Putin may tentatively visit Ankara at the end of April.

According to the publication’s diplomatic source in Turkey, Putin planned to visit Ankara on February 12, but postponed it. No other details are disclosed.

In turn, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in a comment to the propaganda publication that he could not confirm the above information, since “no one has officially announced any terms.” At the same time, he emphasized that preparations for contacts at the highest level continue.

A little later, a TASS source in Ankara added that Putin’s visit to Turkey, according to preliminary data, will take place in late April – early May .   

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