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Putin’s army changed tactics and advanced in the Avdeevsky direction: ISW analysis (map)

ByJohn Newman

Mar 17, 2024

At this stage of the war, the soldiers of our country’s Defense Forces have slowed down the pace of advance of Putin’s army near Avdievka, but it is still impossible to say that the situation will remain stable.

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Putin's army changed tactics and advanced in the Avdiivka direction: ISW analysis (map)

Photo – facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua

About the fact that Russian occupation troops, on Friday-Saturday, in the period from 15th to 16th March, apparently, captured Tonenkoye (west of Avdeevka) and Nevelskoye (southwest of Avdeevka), writes NBN, referring to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

ISW analysts have video footage with geolocation published on March 15, which shows that a column of armored vehicles of the Russian Armed Forces has moved to the west of Tonenkoye, and additional similar evidence published on March 16 shows ;— Russian units are advancing towards Nevelskoye and raising the flag in this settlement.

In addition, on Friday, March 15, the commander of one of the Ukrainian battalions deployed near Avdeevka informed that the “second army of the world” in the vicinity of this city is actively introducing innovations, replenishing the usual “meat assaults” of infantry with a certain amount armored vehicles, with the aim of strengthening and maintaining a high degree of pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Also, the invaders began to attack with several “divisions” at once, thus trying to achieve a numerical superiority of 10 to 1 over the Defense Forces Ukraine precisely in the Avdiivka direction.

Putin's army changed tactics and advanced in the Avdiivka direction: ISW analysis (map)

Photo — understandingwar.org

Earlier, we wrote about that on March 15, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Syrsky, told whether the situation in Avdeevka had changed.


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