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Putin’s army lost more than 30 occupiers in the Belgorod region in one day – rosSMI

On Saturday, March 16, during the battles with Russian volunteers in the Belgorod region, the “second army of the world” lost more than 30 invaders. The Russian media reported details about the losses of Putin's troops.

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The Russian Telegram channel “Kremlin snuffbox”, citing sources in the FSB and the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, writes that on March 16, during a raid of Russian volunteers in the Belgorod region, Putin’s army lost more than 30 “liberators,” NBN reports.

It is reported that on this day in the region, 12 invaders went to the “Kobzon concert”, more than 20 were injured during military clashes. The strikes on the regional center killed 21 invaders.

A source in the FSB said that a number of important objects were shelled in Belgorod, in particular a military base, “which only a few knew about.” The intelligence service believes that agents are actively working for Ukraine in the city, in particular among the local population.

Recall that the Freedom of Russia Legion named the losses of manpower and equipment of the troops of the aggressor country during almost a week of fighting in Kursk and Belgorod regions.

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