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Putin's troops carried out airstrikes on Krasnogorovka: consequences announced

ByJohn Newman

Mar 25, 2024

Russian invaders continue their criminal actions on the territory of Ukraine, shelling cities with civilian populations using aviation and artillery.

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Putin's troops carried out airstrikes on Krasnogorovka: the consequences were announced

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As NBN reports, in particular , as the Donetsk Regional Prosecutor's Office reported on its Facebook page, Russian invaders launched artillery and air strikes on the city of Krasnohorivka. As a result of such actions by Russian troops, three people were injured.

Initially, on Sunday morning, the occupying forces carried out artillery attacks on residential buildings in Krasnohorivka. This happened at approximately 09:30.

The prosecutor's office added that two women were injured from the enemy attack. They are 57 and 64 years old.

An hour after such an attack, Russian troops launched an air strike on the same block. As a result, a 70-year-old man was injured.

The prosecutor's office also emphasized:

All victims with abrasions, shrapnel wounds and bruises were taken to to a medical facility.  

On the fact of violation of the laws and customs of war, a pre-trial investigation was launched under criminal proceedings, Part 1 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.  

Recall that we previously wrote that the Russian Federation fired “daggers” at the Lviv region.


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