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Raising tariffs in Ukraine: an expert told how and when gas prices will increase

ByJohn Newman

Mar 9, 2024

During the period of martial law in Ukraine, the government prohibited upward adjustments to tariffs on “blue fuel”, fixing the cost of the resource at Naftogaz at 7.96 hryvnia/cubic meter, but in the near future prices may be revised.

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Increasing tariffs in Ukraine: an expert told how and when gas prices will increase

Photo – korrespondent.net

About how the approach to gas tariffs for household consumers in our country may soon change, writes NBN, citing the forecast of the head of the Union of Utility Consumers of Ukraine Oleg Popenko, sounded during the telethon on the YouTube channel “TV Channel Rada”.

The expert believes that the cost of “blue fuel” for the population can increase slightly, if we start from the current tariff. In particular, the relevant structures studied the possibility of increasing the gas tariff, touching on the issue of growth in the range from 1 hryvnia to 1.5 hryvnia. Thus, either after the cancellation of the moratorium of the Cabinet of Ministers, or already in the first months after the end of the heating season, for 1 cubic meter, Ukrainians will have to pay from 9 hryvnia to 9.5 hryvnia.

Previously we ;wrote about the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reported whether the in the country is preparing to increase tariffs for electricity.


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