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Reduction of social assistance to IDPs since March: Vereshchuk revealed new reasons for refusal of payments

In our country, starting next month, the assistance previously provided by the government to one of the categories of internally displaced persons (IDPs) will be significantly reduced, and it has now become known what is the maximum allowable income for displaced persons to continue providing benefits by the state.

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On the fact that from March 1, Ukrainian migrants will be affected by global financial changes, writes NBN, citing the statement of the head of the Ministry for the Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, Irina Vereshchuk, aired on YouTube. channel “Novini.LIVE”.

According to Vereshchuk, from the first month of spring a government decree will come into effect regarding those categories of citizens whose social assistance exceeds a certain amount.

In particular , internally displaced persons with an income of 9 444 hryvnia will be able to continue receiving payments, but with some restrictions – extension of financial assistance from the state is possible only if the family includes a minor or a person with a disability.

Vereshchuk emphasized:

If the family income is less than 37,000 hryvnia per month, then payments continue. If more, then will be laid off.

Earlier, we wrote about that Shmygal named the number of jobs that Ukrainians lost due to the invasion of the Russian Federation.

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