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Registration of a pension: in which cases is the time spent caring for a person with a disability counted as length of service?

Under certain conditions are met, a citizen caring for a person with a disability of the 1st group can count on including this period of supervision in the length of service, since in such a situation the “patronage nurse” is considered insured, and her the insurer is the social security body, which pays the appropriate compensation.

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In order for the above-described period to be taken into account as length of service, only a few conditions must be met, writes NBN, referring to the Law of Law”About  compulsory state pension insurance”, published on the official page of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In particular, caring for a person with a disability will be included in the insurance period if a citizen performing the functions of a “nurse”:

However, there is one caveat—care should have been carried out no earlier than 2004, after joining appropriate legislative norms are in in force.

Earlier, we wrote about that Zholnovych told how long the state budget of Ukraine will have enough funds to pay indexed pensions.

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