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Resorts to his favorite method: how the Russian Federation imposes the “Russian world” on Ukrainians under occupation

ByJohn Newman

Jan 13, 2024

Recently, information appeared – from January 15 to 16, 2024, a propaganda forum “Small Motherland is the Strength of Russia” is planned to be held in the capital of the aggressor country, to which collaborators will be brought to receive instructions regarding the implementation of the centralized policy of the empire, but this, as it turned out, is far from the only method that allows intensively promoting the Kremlin’s narratives in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

About how the occupation “authorities” continue the policy of information blockade for temporarily occupied territories of our state, leaving a dubious “loophole” for Ukrainians, writes “NBN”, referring to the “Center of National Resistance”.

As is already clear, the main model of Moscow’s propaganda machine is the absolute exclusion of obtaining reliable information from reliable sources of information: all “undesirable” media resources are simply blocked by the Russians, with the exception of the state ones, access to which, on the contrary, is expanding.

In particular, the enemies oblige state employees in the temporarily occupied territories of the South of Ukraine receive satellite television sets with the predictable name “Russian World”, allowing you to watch 24 Russian propaganda channels for free.

Earlier, we wrote about how the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to the holding of the war. Italy propaganda exhibition Russian Federation about the “revival” of Mariupol.


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