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RosSMI announced new information about the death of the crew of the BDK Novocherkassk, naming the weapon used to attack the ship

It turns out that at the time the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the large landing ship Novocherkassk, part of the Russian fleet, which was located in Feodosia Bay, there were significantly more personnel on board than initially reported. RosSMI also announced what exactly the ship was attacked with.

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As NBN reports, the Russian publication Astra hastened to report that there were almost 80 sailors on board the ship at the time of the Ukrainian Armed Forces missile strike .

The publication's sources clarify that during an attack by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the ship, ammunition hit its bow. As a result of the hit, a strong explosion occurred, after which a large-scale fire broke out.

It is noted in the material that at the time of the attack on the ship “Novocherkassk” there were seventy-seven sailors among the crew members.

Verbatim from the published message:

According to primary data, at least three of them were injured. The exact number of those injured as a result of the strike is unknown.

However, the Russian publication soon updated the information on the dead and injured crew members as a result of the APU strike.

In particular, it notes:

33 sailors are listed as missing. 23 people were injured. One died as a result of the attack. At the site of the attack on the Novocherkassk ship in the port of Feodosia (Crimea), fragments of a Storm Shadow missile were found. The ship itself completely burned out and sank.

< p>We would like to remind you that we previously wrote that another Russian vessel stationed in the port of Feodosia was damaged by a strike on the Novocherkassk large landing ship.

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