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Running away is a bad idea: the diver explained what to do when meeting a shark

Sharks are distributed throughout all oceans and climate zones; in particular, tourists can meet them in the resorts of the UAE, Turkey and Egypt. Professional diver, founder of an ocean safari company, Kaylee Nicole Grant, told how to act correctly when meeting a giant fish in order to survive.

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Often people who encounter sharks in the water try to escape from them. Grant argues that such behavior is a bad idea, since this fast predator will be able to catch up with its prey, reports NBN.

The diver posted a video on her TikTok of an encounter with a shark that was chasing her with a colleague. The expert showed her subscribers how to act in this situation.

According to a professional, the predator will count the fugitive with his prey. Therefore, it is important to feign calmness and establish eye contact with the shark.

If a giant fish swims too close, gently push it away with your hand, so it will decide that it is a worthy opponent and will retreat. Grant noted that you should set sail with your back to the shore so as not to lose sight of the predator.

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