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Russian air defense unsuccessfully repulsed a missile attack on Sevastopol on April 21 (video)

On the morning of this Sunday, April 21, a series of explosions occurred on the territory of temporarily occupied Sevastopol, allegedly due to falling debris from a downed missile.

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Photo – screenshot from TG video.

About that starting from 7:40 am on the Crimean peninsula, “air raid” signals were sounded due to the announcement of a high degree of missile danger, writes “NBN”, referring to the complaints published in the Telegram channel of the so-called “governor” Sevastopol” by Mikhail Razvozhaev.

According to the Russian Gauleiter, on Sunday morning on one of the ships standing on the northern side of Sevastopol Bay, Russian air defense seemed to be able to “repel an attack by an anti-ship missile,” but the footage with a “small fire” from the dumping of parts of the ammunition, they say the opposite.

In addition, local eyewitnesses wrote about plumes of thick smoke in the northern part of Sevastopol, where fire trucks were actively rushing. Also, information appeared that the occupiers were forced to block the Crimean Bridge.

Earlier, our information portal wrote about the fact that a video was shown on the Internet with the “splashdown” of a Russian fighter in Sevastopol.

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