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Russian troops hit Kupyansk with cluster charges for the first time: the OVA spoke about the situation in the city

ByJohn Newman

Mar 4, 2024

Yesterday, March 3rd, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation used an aerial bomb with a cluster charge to strike Kupyansk for the first time.

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Russian troops hit Kupyansk for the first time with cluster charges : the OVA spoke about the situation in the city

Photo – liga.net

As NBN reports, the head of the Kharkov regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov.

Verbatim from the published message:

Kupyansky district remains the hottest destination. The day before, for the first time in Kupyansk, a KAB attack with cluster charges was recorded. This increases the affected area and poses an even greater threat to civilians.

According to him, as a result of this kind of attack, the regional Defense Council brought up the issue of forced evacuation of families with children from a number of other settlements.

Recall that we previously wrote that the West made predictions about how long the war in Ukraine will last.


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