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Salaries in the “Reconstruction Army”: how the amount of payments will change from January 2024

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

With the arrival of the first month of this year, in accordance with the adopted State Budget 2024, in our country the size of the “minimum wage” has increased to 7,100 hryvnia, which will affect only pensions and various social benefits, but also income of citizens who joined the ranks of the Restoration Army.

Salaries in the Restoration Army: how the amount of payments will change from January 2024

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NBN writes about what positive innovations are provided for by an appropriate government decision, referring to the information posted on the official page of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

As it became known, according to the government project “Restoration Army”, unemployed Ukrainians are involved in performing socially useful work, guaranteeing certain monetary compensation for such work.

In particular, the work is paid for by the Social Insurance Fund, in the amount of one and a half minimum wages: previously it was 10,005 hryvnia, but since 2024, the amount has increased to 10,650 hryvnia. In addition, after the second increase, scheduled for April 1 of this year, this amount will increase to 12,000 hryvnia.

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