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Scholz again opposed the transfer of Taurus to Ukraine: under what conditions will the Chancellor have to approve these deliveries

The Bundestag recently approved the provision of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, but the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, opposed such a step. Former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ohryzko named the condition under which the Chancellor will agree to the transfer of long-range weapons to Kiev.

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Photo – REUTERS/Michele Tantussi

The head of the German government spoke out against the supply of long-range weapons to Ukraine. Scholz fears that the transfer of Taurus cruise missiles could drag his country into war. The Chancellor also believes that discussions on this issue allegedly distract attention from what Kiev “really” needs.

NBN reports this with reference to the publication OBOZ.UA.

Former Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vladimir Ohryzko believes that there is a condition under which Scholz will have to change his position on this issue. The ex-minister recalled that first Kyiv received first aid kits and helmets from Berlin, then tanks and air defense systems.

Today we are talking about sending cruise missiles to Ukraine, which the head of the German government opposes. However, he will have to take such a step when the coalition with the supply of long-range weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine starts working, which French leader Emmanuel Macron spoke about.

Gryzko is strongly convinced that the German leadership will not want to remain on the “sidelines of the mainstream” among the Western allies Kiev and will send Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

Earlier, Berlin answered when to expect the chancellor's decision on the transfer of long-range weapons to Ukraine.

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