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Schoolchildren will be involved in the collection of UAVs: the features of “labor lessons” at WOT of Ukraine have become known

ByJohn Newman

Feb 4, 2024

Russian “authorities” in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of our country regularly violate international law, using the civilian population for military purposes, either forcibly mobilizing local residents into the ranks of Putin’s army, or, as it turned out, forcing little Ukrainians to master the production of drones.

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Schoolchildren will be involved in the collection of UAVs: the features of “labor lessons” at VOT of Ukraine have become known

Photo – sprotyv.mod.gov.ua

About the fact that the occupation administrations intend to introduce the so-called “UAV technology module” into the temporarily occupied territories, which they will be forced to study in labor classes, writes “ NBN”, referring to the material from the Center for National Resistance.

As it became known, this “module” will include: the study of technologies, the nuances of design and the assembly of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), of course, ;— for the needs of Putin’s army. In addition, schoolchildren will be actively encouraged to undergo further training in technical specialties to work at military factories of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted that Moscow considers the control of drones as one of the key skills in the training process to military service —Russians are trying to attract as many young people as possible into their militarized structures, not excluding work at their “defense” facilities.

Earlier we wrote about that that the CNS told who the Russian Federation is recruiting into the elite unit “Storm-Gladiator”.


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