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Serbian mercenary sniper Dejan Beric told how the Russian army treats Serbs badly (VIDEO)

ByJohn Newman

Jan 8, 2024

A well-known mercenary from Serbia, who was seen more than once in the Donbass in the ranks of illegal armed groups of ORDLO, suddenly complained that the Serbs were allegedly treated poorly in the army of the Russian Federation. Of course, we are talking about Dejan Beric.

Sniper-mercenary from Serbia Dejan Beric told how the Russian army treats Serbs badly (VIDEO)

Photo – liga.net

As NBN reports, the famous Ukrainian blogger Denis Kazansky spoke about this in a publication on the TG channel. Behind the same link, a video was released in which Beric’s statement is heard.

In particular, Beric confirmed with his statement that Serbian mercenaries are fighting in the ranks of Putin’s army. Although, according to the sniper, they are not treated very well in the Russian army.

He, in particular, said that his compatriots who come to the front in Ukraine to fight for Russian forces are subjected to abused by Russian military personnel, who call them “gypsies”, beat them, and are also forced to go on so-called “meat assaults”, having only two cartridges with them.

The blogger Denis Kazansky himself could not resist, not to comment on what the Serbian Dejan Beric is complaining about. And Kazansky did it as follows:

Well, what did you guys want? You came to fight for the Russian world, right? – Well, then get used to it, because this is exactly who he is.

Recall that Denis Kazansky previously reported that the occupiers in Donetsk are becoming very uncomfortable.  


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