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“Shahed” attack on Odessa on March 2: OK “South” explained how the invaders were able to cause large-scale destruction

As it became known, not only due to the fact that mainly Russian-Iranian kamikaze drones approached targets from the Black Sea, and then carried out subsequent “powerful maneuvering”, the occupiers managed to carry out another military crime.

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About the fact that due to the constant improvement by Putin’s army not only of the Geranium-2-Shaheds, but also of a revision of the approach to tactical actions, the invaders were able to carry out large-scale destruction of a high-rise building in Odessa, writes NBN, citing the speaker’s explanation OK “South” by Natalia Gumenyuk, performed during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Gumenyuk, in recent days, OK South has increasingly recorded the occupiers’ attempts to launch attack drones at too low altitudes, which allows enemies to move Geranium-2-Shaheds away from air defense systems, making detection difficult kamikaze drones and complicating the work of “landing” the UAV.

In particular, kamikaze drones fly low above the Black Sea level, and then fly between industrial facilities, port infrastructure and in the middle of residential buildings , after which they unexpectedly rise to a height that makes it possible to strike.

In addition, the “liberators” modify their UAVs, replacing the engines and warhead with reinforced ones.

Gumenyuk emphasized:

And, in connection with this, such destruction. But this will already be established by the investigation and the examination, as well as by the relevant specialists.

We previously wrote that the number of victims from the strike on a high-rise building in Odessa reached 9 people.

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