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Shooting of a car with the deputy mayor of Nikopol: the Office of the Prosecutor General reported details of the incident (photo)

At the moment, law enforcement officers have already compiled a portrait of the attacker, and are now continuing to collect and analyze material evidence, and have also begun operational search activities to detain a suspect in the murder of an official.

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About the fact that today, February 8th, in one of the residential areas of Nikopol, unknown persons from ;an unidentified type of firearm was shot at the car in which the deputy mayor of the city was located; as a result of the shelling, the man died on the spot, writes NBN, referring to the information published in the official Telegram channel of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

As it became known, deputy city mayor Vitaly Zhuravlev was driving the car—the shelling provoked a large-scale burnout of the car, and the driver received multiple penetrating gunshot wounds, from which he died at the scene of the incident.

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We previously wrote about the fact that the Prosecutor General's Office showed the scale of destruction after the shelling of the Sumy region on February 7.

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