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Sikorsky told how many people intend to join the Ukrainian Legion

ByJohn Newman

Jul 11, 2024

The formation of the Ukrainian Legion is provided for in the security agreement signed between Kiev and Warsaw on Monday, July 8.

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Sikorsky told how many people intend to join the Ukrainian Legion

About the fact that at least several thousand people in Poland have already decided to register, which involves subsequent joining a special volunteer unit, the Ukrainian Legion, writes NBN, citing a statement by Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, published by Interfax-Ukraine.

According to Sikorski, in Poland there are about 1  million Ukrainian men and women, but only a few thousand of them have already applied to participate “in this conscription.”

The Polish Foreign Minister added that most of the potential recruits are actually ready to serve and replace their compatriots, however, they say: “we don’t want to be sent into battle without proper training and equipment,” which Warsaw should provide.

It should be noted that the volunteers of the Ukrainian Legion will go to defend their country, but this unit will receive the right to return to Poland after rotation.

Sikorsky summarized:

If every European country did this, Ukraine would have several brigades.

Earlier we wrote about that that Biden did not support the shooting down of Russian missiles over Ukraine from the territory of Poland.


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