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Simultaneous threats to Kyiv and Moscow: the media revealed details of Trump’s “peace plan”

ByJohn Newman

Feb 15, 2024

Not long ago, the scandalous oligarch Donald Trump recalled his time as President of the United States – then he promised NATO member countries that did not fulfill their financial obligations to the North Atlantic Alliance to ignore or even encourage the Russian invasion of their territory, and, apparently, such an ambiguous and contradictory position is very typical of the American billionaire.

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About the fact that former US President Trump is probably considering the possibility of putting pressure on Kiev to force a negotiation process with Moscow, if, of course, he wins the elections in 2024, writes “ NBN”, referring to the Bloomberg material.

According to the publication's interlocutors, advisers to the 45th President of the United States have repeatedly raised the issue regarding the organization of negotiations between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Kremlin tyrant Vladimir Putin, with provided that Trump goes for a “second term.”

In particular, one of the odious politician’s retinue informed that the so-called “peace plan” may include a warning to the Bank about the cessation of military support for Ukraine from the United States (in case of refusal to negotiate with the Russian Federation), with a parallel threat to the Kremlin regarding expansion of assistance to Kiev.

It should be noted that Trump’s advisers, Larry Kudlow and Robert O’Brien, have repeatedly and openly heard “messages”—the “new president” of the United States advocates strengthening sanctions restrictions regarding the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which will supposedly help influence Putin.

Also, some officials in the USA believe that after a likely victory in the presidential campaign, Trump seems to appoint key positions of people who can redirect American foreign policy on China, the Alliance and Ukraine in the opposite direction.

We previously wrote about what Trump called a “big compliment” to Putin’s hopes for victory Biden in the elections.


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