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Sinegubov clarified the number of victims of the Russian airstrike on Zolochev, revealing the scale of the consequences (photo)

On the morning of this Wednesday, May 1, the Russian occupation army carried out an air attack on Zolochev in the Kharkov region, hitting with adjustable/guided aerial bombs (KAB).

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About the fact that as a result of the Russian strike on Zolochev, six people were wounded (including an 11-year-old teenager), and two civilians were killed, writes NBN, citing information published in the official Telegram channel of the head of the Kharkov regional military administration (OVA) Oleg Sinegubov.

In accordance with data available to the head of the OVA:

In addition to the number of victims, Sinegubov informed that damage to administrative buildings, the Oschadbank building, more than 20 cars was documented, and private households were actually destroyed.

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Earlier, we wrote about that the Southern Defense Forces showed destruction in Odessa after a night attack by the Russian Federation.

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