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Sparring partner responsible for disrupting the fight Usik vs. Fury named the real reason for the Briton's injury

The long-awaited fight between Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik and Briton Tyson Fury was initially scheduled for the end of February this year, but due to a cut in the eyebrow of the latter boxer, the fight was postponed to May 18, and now it has become known what provoked it injury to the “Gypsy King.”

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About the mixed memories Croatian heavyweight Agron Smakici had regarding that very sparring with Tyson Fury, writes NBN, citing the material talkSPORT.

In particular, Smakichi claims that the Briton tried to provoke him as much as possible with his inappropriate actions, which is why the Croatian got wound up quite intensely: at first there was a “good sparring”, but then Fury decided “ incite” aggression with provocations and “dirty” statements in order for the partner to move more actively.

Horvat emphasized:

After this I gave my 100%, and, unfortunately, I got injured. He began to say something to me, and also grabbed my head and pulled me down.

We previously wrote about how the former world boxing champion Khan spoke out about the outcome of the fight between Usik and Fury.

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