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Speaker of the OSVG “Tavria” Lykhovy announced the completion of the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Avdeevka

ByJohn Newman

Feb 18, 2024

The defense forces of the Ukrainian state have completed the withdrawal of units from Avdiivka, in the Donetsk region.

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As NBN reports, this was stated by the speaker of the Tavria OSVG Dmitry Lykhovy during the broadcast of the national telethon.

Indeed, this completion took place just yesterday.  

In addition, Lykhovy also confirmed the information that a certain number of Ukrainian soldiers who fought in Avdiivka were captured. However, he did not give the exact number.  

This number may decrease when some of them return to their units. The exit took place under very difficult conditions, so this really could be the case. It is necessary to verify those who have left, but have not yet joined their team. Probably someone couldn't get out. This is a process that takes some time. I would ask you to refrain from speculation for now. This number is not enough to speak of a large scale.

Recall that we previously wrote about the opinion of a Ukrainian Armed Forces fighter who named the cities that would be under threat if Avdiivka was captured by the Russians.


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