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Spring increase in pensions: PFU answered whether the amount of payments for disability will change

In less than a week, our country will undergo a planned increase in the amount of pension benefits, by 7.9 percent, as reported in the Cabinet of Ministers, and it has now become known whether such an adjustment to social assistance will also affect the least wealthy citizens.

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About whether such a recalculation of pension benefits, caused by an increase in the official subsistence level, will affect the disabled segments of the population of Ukraine, writes NBN, citing an explanation posted on the official Facebook account GU PFU Donetsk region.

In in particular, as follows from Art. 7th Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for the 2024 Year”, starting from February 1 of this year, the cost of living (SL) for persons who have lost their ability to work has reached the amount of 2 361 hryvnia.

In addition, according to p. 8th final provisions of this document, the process of recalculation of pensions and other additional payments to similar social assistance, which takes place on the basis of the size of the monthly minimum wage (introduced from January 1) for disabled citizens, should be carried out from March 1 of the current year, simultaneously with the traditional indexation of benefits by age, and this is provided for in part 2 of Art. 42nd Law of Law “On compulsory state pension insurance.”

Earlier we wrote about that the Ministry of Social Policy talked about two conditions for refusing to accrue a pension to the card.

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