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State assistance to single parents: the Ministry of Social Policy suggested how to process payments

For certain categories of citizens of Ukraine, the state guarantees the payment of social assistance if an application for accrual of funds is submitted in the correct form.

State assistance to single parents: the Ministry of Social Policy suggested how to process payments< /p>

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NBN writes about what kind of financial assistance a single father or mother is entitled to, as well as how to correctly formalize the assignment of payments, referring to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

In particular, social assistance is accrued persons raising a child in the amount defined as the difference between 100 percent of the subsistence level for a child at the appropriate age and the average monthly total family income for the 1st person.

To apply for the above-described payments, you should contact the social protection authority or central administrative authority at your place of residence or send an application through the state portal “Diya”.

To the application you must attach:

    < li>declaration of income and property status of the family;
  • copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  • extract from the State Civil Registry regarding the registration of the child’s birth, which indicates information about father/mother;
  • in situations where one of parents has died a copy of the death certificate of one of spouses, including a certificate of non-receipt of benefits or social assistance for minors;
  • when adopting a child, a copy of the act.

Note that if the income certificate contains incorrect information, then, in accordance with the law, social assistance may be refused.

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