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Stoltenberg commented on Russia’s preparations for a new possible offensive

ByJohn Newman

Apr 4, 2024

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg answered whether the Alliance is recording the preparation of a terrorist state for a new possible offensive.

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Stoltenberg commented on the Russian Federation's preparations for a new possible offensive

Photo – nato.int

Before the meeting of the heads of the Foreign Ministries of the Alliance member states in Brussels, the NATO Secretary General said that the organization regularly records the buildup of military force by the Russian Federation, NBN reports with reference to the publication RBC-Ukraine.

Answering the question whether the bloc sees the Russians preparing and building up forces for a new offensive operation in late spring or early summer, Stoltenberg said that Moscow continues to receive a large number of weapons, shells from Pyongyang and Tehran. In addition, the Russian Federation has put its economy on a war footing.

According to the politician, for this reason the situation on the front line remains difficult, and Kyiv’s allies in the Alliance must do more for it, strengthen air defense, artillery, and make efforts to transition to a long-term commitment to Ukraine.

ISW previously indicated the direction in which Putin’s troops could launch a large-scale offensive in late spring or early summer.


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