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Syrsky introduced the new commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces to the personnel

ByJohn Newman

Feb 11, 2024

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky, who was recently appointed to this position by the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky, today, February 11, introduced the commander of the Ground Forces to the personnel.

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Syrsky introduced the new commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces to the personnel

Photo – glavred.info

As NBN reports, this says on the TG channel of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

So, introducing Pavlyuk to the personnel, Syrsky stated the following:

As part of the Ground Forces Ukraine, you and I were one big family. I continue to stay with you even now. The war demonstrated that everything that we carried out, that is, training, exercises, as well as all those measures taken on the eve of the invasion, were not done in vain. And when the President of Ukraine asked me who would command the Ground Forces, I didn’t even have any other candidates.

In turn, Pavlyuk expressed gratitude to the commander-in-chief for his work and trust, for everything that was done to protect the state. Among other things, Pavlyuk stated that he is confident that mutual support is the key to strengthening the army and bringing victory closer.

Responding to Syrsky’s words, Pavlyuk summed up:

We will do everything to be a support for you. So that you can always count on the Ground Forces. Together we are all strong, and together we are the key to the victory of Ukraine.  

Recall that we previously wrote that Syrsky and Umerov held their first meeting.


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