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Syrsky revealed the reasons for the significant escalation of the situation on the Eastern Front

Over the past few days, the combat situation on several directions of the Eastern Front has entered a more active phase.

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NBN writes about the fact that the Russian-occupying army has sharply intensified offensive actions after waiting for the completion of the presidential pseudo-elections in the Russian Federation, referring to the official Telegram channel of the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky.

According to Syrsky , now the invaders are actively attacking the positions of the Defense Forces in the Limansky and Bakhmutsky directions, throwing into the battle assault groups supported by armored vehicles, and in the Pokrovsky direction, the invaders are trying to break through the defenses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, using dozens of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

As it became known, such a noticeable activation of Putin’s army was facilitated by the establishment of warm, dry weather, which made a large proportion of open areas “tank accessible”. In addition, despite significant losses, the “liberators” are strengthening the offensive by using fresh units in armored vehicles, which is why from time to time they achieve tactical success.

Also, to gain a technical advantage over enemy forces, the Ukrainian Armed Forces There is a lack of high-tech weapons systems that would allow defenders to “defeat a larger enemy”, creating “the conditions for intercepting the strategic initiative.”

The second most serious problem is the need to qualitatively increase the level of training of military personnel, in ;in particular, infantry units, so that they can make the most effective use of the full potential of military equipment and Western weapons.

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