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Tallinn announced the allocation of the next package of military aid to Kyiv: what Ukraine will receive

ByJohn Newman

Mar 21, 2024

It is assumed that the components of the new package will be able to provide maximum benefit to Ukraine, while ignoring the reduction in Estonia's defense potential.

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Tallinn announced the allocation of the next package of military assistance to Kiev: what it will receive Ukraine

Photo – 24tv.ua

About what exactly this Baltic state will transfer to our country in the form of military assistance, considering the amount of 20 million euros, writes NBN, referring to the official page of the Estonian Ministry of Defense.

According to the head of the Estonian defense department Hanno Pevkur, the next military aid package will include: a batch of recoilless rifles anti-tank guns, a certain amount of explosives, various types of artillery shells, gas masks, sniper equipment, small-caliber ammunition (apparently for mortars and small arms) and much more.

The head of the Estonian Ministry of Defense emphasized that Ukraine will also receive 155-mm shells, which will highlight the importance of his country's additional contribution to the EU initiative to send the promised 1 million artillery ammunition.

We previously wrote that Estonian intelligence gave a time frame that would pass from the Russian Federation to strengthen the army for the invasion of NATO countries.


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