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Tarnavsky named the priority goals of the Russian Federation near Avdeevka, assessing the “successes” of Putin’s army

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

Over the past 24 hours, in the operational zone controlled by the OSGV Tavria, Putin’s troops carried out 17 airstrikes, carried out 57 attacks and 599 shelling from various types of artillery, but were unable to carry out “ breakthrough.”

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Tarnavsky named the priority goals of the Russian Federation near Avdievka, assessing the “successes” of Putin’s army

Photo – facebook.com /GeneralStaff.ua

About the fact that in the operational zone of the OSGV Tavria, the enemies are currently concentrating key efforts in the Avdeevsky direction, writes NBN, referring to the information posted in ;Telegram channel of the commander of this formation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavsky.

According to Tarnavsky, the plans of the “second army of the world” are quite predictable—the warriors of the terrorist state intend to take control of the logistics routes for supplying our units in the  northern flank. However, despite all the attempts of the “liberators,” the soldiers of the Defense Forces still give an “adequate response” to any enemy actions, while simultaneously strengthening the blocking lines, setting up additional firing positions and bringing in fresh effective forces. Thus, the necessary supplies continue to be delivered regularly.

In addition, the total losses of Putin’s army over the past 24 hours were: 361 personnel, 2 tanks, 1 armored combat vehicle, 1 artillery system, 9 tanks. units of automobiles and special equipment, not counting 2 warehouses with ammunition, and the “landing” of 145 drones of various types.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that Barabash confirmed that the occupiers are entering the ;outskirts of Avdeevka.


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