• 19/07/2024 19:42

Temporary checkpoints in Kyiv: the KGVA explained whether summonses can be issued at them

The Kyiv City Military Administration explained that TCC and SP, in accordance with their functional powers, do not provide security.

Temporary checkpoints in Kiev: the KGVA explained whether they can issue summonses

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As NBN reports with reference to TSN, social networks have been reporting for the second day that temporary checkpoints have appeared in the city of Kiev. According to the authors of such posts, citizens are given summonses for them.

The KSVA also added that the checkpoints in Kiev appeared temporarily, and the reason for this is that from the 25th to the 28th of this month, exercises are being held in the capital of Ukraine in different areas of the city.

The checkpoints were organized with the participation of the Group of Defense Forces and Means of Defense of the city of Kiev in cooperation with the KGVA, patrol police, as well as the National Police and other structural units.

We would like to remind you that We previously wrote about the mobilization of citizens who left Ukraine. In particular, the head of the Ministry of Defense warned about the development of a new game plan.


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