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The Air Force explained how Ukraine will be able to prevent the massive use of modified aerial bombs by the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Mar 30, 2024

On Wednesday, March 27, the Russian occupation forces for the first time carried out an attack on Kharkov using large-caliber guided/adjustable ammunition – the UMPB D-30 SN bomb, converted from the FAB-250 (a high-explosive aerial bomb with a warhead 250 kg).

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The Air Force explained how Ukraine can prevent the massive use of modified aerial bombs by the Russian Federation

Photo – ria.ru

On the scenario under which the air defense of Ukraine will be able to effectively counteract the specified UMPB D-30SN, writes NBN, referring to the explanation voiced by the speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilya Yevlash on air telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Evlash, measures to counter such aerial bombs exist, however, first of all, you should work with their carriers, and this approach will become the most effective in any similar situations.

In in particular, since the “second army of the world” drops these guided munitions from the boards of Su-class tactical aircraft, only an advantage over enemy fighter-bombers, for example, as was the case in  ;the recent “dry fall” will help push the enemy further away from the country’s cities and the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, in order to effectively counter the threats described above, Ukraine needs to deploy more Western-style air defense systems.

Earlier, we wrote about that Yevlash revealed miscalculations of the Russian Federation, thanks to which the Ukrainian air defense manages to “land” Zircon missiles.


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