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The blogger showed how the Ukrainian Armed Forces carefully land Shaheds in the fields: soon they will fly in the opposite direction (PHOTO)

Soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will attack enemy forces on enemy territory with their own Shahed-type drones. Further in the material there is more detail about this.

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Photo – RBC

It turns out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not only learned to destroy Iranian Shaheds, the drones with which Russia attacks the territory of our country every day, but there is also information that the defenders have already successfully landed several of these UAVs in the field. Moreover, after some reconstruction, they want to send these “birds” to the return address, to where they flew to us from, that is, to Russia. As NBN reports, this is discussed in the post of Ukrainian blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky in the TG channel.

In particular, he wrote the following in his message:

Some “Shaheds” now do not get lost, but carefully land in the fields. And after some modification they will fly back to the pigs who launched them.

To prove his words, Kazansky published several photographs showing completely intact Shahed UAVs lying in a field, and Ukrainian defenders standing next to them.

Recall that earlier the Air Force named the reason for the elimination of only 50 percent of the Shahed UAVs with which Russia attacked Ukraine on the night of January 28.

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