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The British Ambassador spoke about the possibility of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Russian Federation using weapons from his country

British Ambassador to Ukraine Martin Harris commented on the possibility of strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the territory of the Russian Federation using weapons provided to Kyiv by the United Kingdom. The diplomat also told where the priority targets for the Defense Forces are located.

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In an interview with the European Pravda publication, Harris recalled that Great Britain was the first state to transfer lethal weapons to Ukraine. He noted that after the signing of a security agreement between Kiev and London, the leadership of his country is obliged to supply weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NBN reports.

According to the ambassador, the use of British weapons by the Defense Forces is now primarily focused on striking targets on BOT, in particular, on the territory of Crimea.

The diplomat did not deny the possibility of using British weapons to attack defenders on targets in the Russian Federation. Harris believes that this year the Ukrainian Armed Forces will also focus on Crimea. At the same time, the ambassador noted that Ukraine itself must determine the strategy for using weapons to defeat a terrorist state.

Recall that the Latvian Foreign Ministry explained how the EU can implement its initiative to transfer a million shells to Ukraine before March.

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