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The Cabinet of Ministers announced changes to the Tax Code: officials will be able to see the activity of citizens’ accounts

It is expected that such reform will mainly affect ordinary taxpayers, but will first require a radical revision of the rules and principles of work of regulatory/fiscal authorities.

The Cabinet of Ministers announced changes to the

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About the fact that within the framework of the National Revenue Strategy of Ukraine until 2030, a reform of the taxation system is expected, writes “NBN”, referring to the official page of the Cabinet of Ministers.

As it became known, the clause “Security of use of data and access to information about the volume and circulation of taxpayers’ funds in their accounts in banks” introduces the possibility of allowing regulatory authorities access to information relating to the movement of assets in accounts of taxpayers in financial institutions.

However, while the government believes the above data is quite “sensitive”, both regarding the topic of improving the efficiency of controllers, and preserving the rights of taxpayers, taking into account business security, protection of trade secrets, and, in general, personal information.

However, contrary to the above, the Cabinet of Ministers is convinced: providing relevant structures with access to banking information will supposedly only strengthen the analytical potential of tax authorities and will allow the introduction of updated functionality for those who conscientiously pays taxes – it concerns the preparation of draft declarations instead of the taxpayers themselves, that is, sending proper reports in one “click”.

Earlier, our information portal wrote about the fact that the Rada intends to introduce taxes on ;”household” income of citizens.


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