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The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to soften the approach to the assignment of subsidies: what will change for citizens

Not so long ago, the social department of our country proposed making a number of changes to the process of providing subsidies for housing and communal services for needy segments of the population, and now something has become known about these amendments.

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NBN writes about the fact that one of the amendments directly affects people who have accumulated debts to pay for utility bills, citing the draft government resolution posted for discussion on the website of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine (FTU).

In accordance with one of the proposals, social assistance “for communal services” will not be issued if debts have been formed for one of the services in the amount of 680 hryvnia, not paid within 3 -x months, which diverges from the identical norms in force at the moment (the amount is the same, but not general, and there is no clarification about the terms).

In addition, the document provides for an adjustment allocation of a housing subsidy upon recording the death of one of the household members (with the exception of the applicant)/family member of a person from the household—a repeated application will not be required, since the relevant authorities will allow them to independently revise the amount of social assistance from the next month after month , that is, without the need for an application from the owner of the house/apartment.

Earlier, our news portal informed that a lawyer explained when you can count on the write-off of debts for utility services.

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