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The Center for Police Commented on reports of the invaders’ offensive in the Sumy region

The Center for Countering Disinformation commented on Russian reports about Putin’s army preparing an attack on the Sumy region in order to pull back the reserves of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the Kharkov region.

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Russian propaganda uses stories from Ukrainian journalists about the training of border guards to spread fakes about the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an attack on the Kursk region of the aggressor country from the territory Sumy region, which will lead to intensification of hostilities in the region.

NBN reports this with reference to the Central Operations Center.

In parallel, the Kremlin’s mouthpieces state that the occupiers are preparing an attack on the Sumy region in order to allegedly pull reserves of Ukrainian forces from Kupyansk, Kharkov region. The CPD noted that such fake messages are part of the Russian “propaganda of fear” campaign.

With such disinformation, the enemy wants to justify daily attacks on the Sumy region and wants to sow panic among local residents so that as many people as possible leave the border areas regions.

The Center for Operational Operations emphasized that the “second army of the world” does not have enough reserves to launch offensive operations in the Sumy region.

We recall that the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the MOU Kirill Budanov predicted the timing of a large-scale offensive Putin's troops, indicating his key goal.

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