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The Central nervous system revealed the methods of Russian “zombification” of teenagers in occupied Zaporozhye

ByJohn Newman

Feb 8, 2024

Not so long ago, information was received from the Central nervous system – doctors in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) of our country regularly conduct examinations of minor Ukrainians, as a result of which, children are almost instantly sent for “rehabilitation” to remote regions of Russia, where the invaders are trying to change the national identification of the “exiled” by imposing Kremlin narratives and a distorted view of the history of Ukraine, and almost identical methods of the occupiers have now become known.

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Photo – sprotyv.mod.gov.ua

About the fact that in Ukraine, the Russian “authorities” continue to open militaristic camps for young Ukrainians, in particular, the Gauleiters announced the formation of a club in Zaporozhye, the opening of which is planned on the basis of a children’s camp, NBN writes, citing ;material from the “Center of National Resistance” (CNS).

As it became known, on the territory of the Zaporozhye region there should appear a Center for military-sports training and patriotic education of youth called “Warrior”, which will be opened on the basis children's health camp “Iskra”.

In this so-called “club”, teenagers will be trained in fire and engineering training, that is, prepared for service in Putin's army. It should be noted that the entire learning process is controlled by occupying instructors from the Russian Federation.

Also, in addition to everything described above, children will be given brainwashing lectures regarding the goals of the current war, including teaching the basics of “Russian history.”

Earlier, we wrote about that the CNS told why the “authorities” here are blocking Ukrainians’ access to Google services.


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