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The central nervous system told the details of the execution of the occupiers by a Ukrainian who was mobilized into Putin’s army

The Center for National Resistance reported details of the execution of Russian invaders by a Ukrainian, whom the occupiers mobilized into the “second army of the world.”

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The CNS reports that in the Great Patriotic War of Ukraine, the “liberators” mobilized a local resident into Putin’s troops. After receiving weapons, he “defeated” 6 Russian invaders, NBN reports.

It is known that the militants of the Russian Armed Forces, whom the Ukrainian turned into “cargo 200,” served in the artillery division and carried out attacks on Kherson. A local resident, whom the enemy decided to join the ranks of the “second army of the world,” liquidated the Russians and fled from his place of service.

The occupiers are unsuccessfully trying to find the Ukrainian, and meanwhile in the region, “military registration and enlistment offices” have suspended mobilization into Putin’s army.

On Saturday, May 4, Russian media reported that former prisoner, 58-year-old Yuri Galushko, who in February signed a contract with the defense department of the aggressor country, “demilitarized” 6 occupiers using AK-12 assault rifles with a silencer from an artillery battalion.

Russian media reported earlier that in the Donetsk region the “liberators” shot their colleagues, mistaking them for soldiers of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

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